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Rosebud Ceremonies believes that everybody deserves a choice.  To have a church wedding, a registry office civil ceremony or to have your child christened is truly wonderful.  But what if those options don’t feel like the right choices for you, your partner or your family?  What if you would like a ceremony that is totally yours?  To have complete control over everything that takes place, choosing every aspect and element.  Every piece of content and every single word is approved by you. 

Maybe something religious is to be included or left out entirely and to have as many people (or not) attend.  There may be favourite poems or songs that mean the world to you and your loved ones and because there are no time restrictions, you get to have as many as you like.

Hello, I’m Kelly, founder of Rosebud Ceremonies.  I grew up in Essex and have lived in Hertfordshire for over twenty years with my husband and very spoilt cat Bo.  We got married in Las Vegas in 2007 and have been embarrassingly obsessed with the place ever since. Why Vegas?  We wanted the entire day to be a celebration from the outset, combined with the fact we wanted to marry abroad and I’m a huge Elvis fan made Vegas a great fit for us both.

Working in customer relations for over thirty years taught me a lot about listening to and understanding people.  When it comes to ceremonies everyone wants their day to feel special and it will be my privilege to write one that is just for you.  I will be there holding your hand all the way from our very  first meeting to our final cheerio after conducting your beautiful ceremony.

So, please get in touch.  I am already excited at the thought of hearing from you.  We can have a no obligation chat and hopefully we will have had some fun along the way.

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